• Julie Allesch, IHP

Nobody In My Family Has This!?!

Sometimes diseases may seem to “run in the family”. Are they inherited, or do family members tend to share lifestyles, or is it some combination of both? Although genes do play a part, how a person lives determines much more about whether symptoms of “dis-ease” ever present. The field of epigenetics is exploring how certain genetic markers for disease can be turned on or off based on environmental factors. It looks at why someone with a genetic predisposition to a disease may not ever show symptoms if the environment is right. Hopefully the healthcare model will focus more on that - preventative health care, and not just “sick” care.

But what about when someone is given a diagnosis that doesn’t run in the family? It may seem like it just strikes out of the blue.

This lilac bush has always had beautiful purple flowers with a thin white outline on each blossom. I have had it for 15 years, and even moved it a few years ago to give it a location I liked better. This year it produced this one completely white bloom in the midst of all the other purple ones. How can this be?

I am not a horticulturist, but I did try to search for the answer. One theory pointed to the possibility of heterozygous genes, meaning that even though the lilac had always been purple, it may have also carried a white gene. Others said maybe the soil wasn’t right. But what made it bloom white now after 15 years? Perhaps it was the trauma to the plant from moving it, disturbing its roots. Maybe I didn’t give it enough water or fertilizer after to buffer the stress of the move. Or maybe I moved it to a location that was good for me to enjoy its blooms, but yet didn’t have enough sun for it to thrive.

I don’t want to change the white bloom, it is very pretty and interesting! But you may have some ailment right now that is not very pretty and makes you feel terrible! And whether it runs in your family or not, there is still a root cause, and, likely a way to improve your health so that you feel better. Maybe you are deficient in some vitamins or minerals, or your gut biome is unbalanced and wreaking havoc on your immune system, or maybe too much stress is breaking down your hormone pathways. If you are having problems with fatigue, digestion, hormones, inflammation or weight gain, there are functions in your body that need rebalanced. By working with an Integrative Health Practitioner you can discover where things are unbalanced in your body, and learn how to get started improving your health.

Don’t wait until you hurt so badly that you are diagnosed with a disease. If you are beginning to see your health slide, or you just don’t feel like you used to, it is not just getting older! But if you do already have a diagnosed disease, don’t let that diagnosis hold you down, either. If you figure out what you need to do to rebalance your body, and are willing to make some changes now, you will feel better!

If you are discouraged because everyone in your family seems to get a certain disease, or suddenly you have something that no one has gotten, the same hope is there for you! By starting to ask “Why” and learning about what may be the root causes, you can find the answers to help you take back control of your health. Every small change you can make will build to the next, giving you the encouragement you need to believe that you can feel well! If you need some encouragement today, send me an email, I would love to help you!

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