• Julie Allesch, IHP

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Trust me, this will not be free

Throughout my life, one phrase that I learned in my Economics 101 class by Professor Berry at the University of Cincinnati has come up time and again. He taught that all we ever need to know in life and economics is …”There is no such a thing as a free lunch.”

But how does this compare to the virtue of being a good steward with our money?

And what does all this have to do with health and wellness?

Well, for most of my prior years I have always been a value shopper. My grandmother who had seen the Depression years taught me how to be frugal, yet to love good food. She would buy the Thanksgiving turkey when on sale for 19 cents/lb, and an extra one or two for the deep-freezer for later. For years I followed such a pattern, buying the cheapest form of still real food that was on sale, and learning to cook well. With lots of vegetables of course because she had a garden and my fondest memory is sitting in the dirt of the pea patch eating to my heart’s content.

I scoffed when I noticed others around me talking about buying organic food. I thought it did not matter, and wondered why anyone would just spend more money for the same food. I thought it was just a status thing, and I was quite comfortable not going along with that flow. But I was in my 20’s and 30’s then and the youth kept me going.

As life went on, things started breaking down. More aches and pains and an occasional health issue. I ignored the lack of energy I had and attributed it to the stresses of raising a family. One day I developed a health problem too pressing to ignore, and it caused me to take a hard look at everything I was putting in or on my body. I will save the story of how I cleaned up the foods I eat and the other things in my house for another post.

I now buy mostly organic whole foods, (for sure at least the Dirty Dozen of produce and looking to grass-fed/wild caught sources of proteins) and have taken the chemicals out of my personal products and home. I have done a Functional Medicine liver detox which has reduced the body burden of toxins and have started putting in quality supplements from a trusted source (read your labels - the ingredients matter!) when needed.

I have never felt better in ALL of my life. I am at my lowest weight ever, I sleep great, my inflammation and aches are much less, and I am working on a bucket-list goal of doing a chin-up!

I now know that saving some dollars in the food budget came at a deferred health! Back to Economics 101. I gladly now spend more for higher quality food because you get what you pay for. And by voting with my dollars, there will be more future selection at hopefully less cost. (Supply and demand….any other econ geeks out there?). I just feel too good to not.

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