• Julie Allesch, IHP

A Matter of Perspective

There is a great three-mile loop near me that I have spent many hours logging miles. Ten years ago, the majority of those miles were jogging, but some were walking a dog or pushing a stroller. I know the path well, and other than changing with the seasons, alternating clockwise with the counter, or the different faces I might encounter along the way, it largely remains the same.

One day I decided to add an extra leg and jog for 5 miles instead of 3. I had just gotten some new shoes and felt extra ambitious. It must not have been a good combination, for after, I developed foot pain unlike any other. It took some time to figure out that it was plantar fasciitis, and many years for it to resolve. I tried a variety of stretches, ice treatments and rest, but ultimately it was taking a chance at The Good Feet Store that resolved the issue for me. To this day I still wear and love my inserts, but usually now I will walk that path instead of jog.

The trouble is, walking just takes so much…..longer. The 3 mile loop that used to take me half an hour, when walking it takes about twice as long. Sure it was 30 minutes of….pain, and I’m not just talking about foot pain!, but it didn’t take that long and the reward when done was worth it. When walking nearly every day for the hour, I would often just get bored. It was lovely if I had a friend to enjoy their company that day, but if not I was often tempted to think of other ways I could spend my time.

At the suggestion of my husband Dolf, I started listening to podcasts. A whole new world opened up to me on that three-mile path. Instead of just logging time and miles, I couldn’t wait for each opportunity to be alone, listening to a new podcast and learning more about a topic that I loved.

Among many good podcasts, The Cabral Concept became my favorite. Dr. Stephen Cabral has an extensive wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for teaching and helping others heal their bodies naturally. I want to thank Dr. Cabral for being the reason that I chose to pursue Integrative Health as a means to help others.

The path in life is never a straight line.

So the path in my neighborhood never really changed, but boy did I ever throughout all the years of treading it’s steps. The same circle joined together some suffering, some joy, some serenity, and ultimately passion and purpose. That is the power within our mind, and it is all a matter of perspective.

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