Change Your Body, Change Your Life

Getting Healthy from the Inside Out

Julie Allesch, IHP L2

When our bodies become unbalanced, we can become tired, overweight, depressed, have joint pain, digestive issues, lose our overall vitality, and develop other "dis-eases" of the body such as auto-immune problems. As a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, I will help you find the root causes of your symptoms through Functional Medicine lab testing, and will guide you to rebalance and healing within all areas of your life. Our bodies are created with an amazing ability to heal.  We just have to learn how to give our body the important nutrients it needs and remove the things it doesn’t. I am passionate about teaching the truth that you can feel so much better than you do right now, because if you change your body, it will change your life!  My approach is holistic, helping you find balance in all areas of your life, and I will help you eat well, sleep well and move your body in a way that you enjoy, all so that you will be able to better serve those you love.



As your health coach, I am here to guide you, empower you, and motivate you to achieve your wellness, weight loss and body transformation goals.  You will learn how diet, exercise, stress, toxins, rest, emotions and mindset all affect your total well-being.  Through Functional Medicine lab testing, we will get to the root causes of your symptoms, and I will develop a customized wellness plan that's right for you.  One step at a time, we will address all these areas and within the first 12 weeks you will experience tremendous transformation in your life.




  • Discussion of your Wellness Goals

  • Introductory teaching on the DESTRESS protocol

  • Discussion of Functional Medicine lab testing to find root cause behind your symptoms

  • This fee will be applied to the purchase of my program below



12 WEEK WELLNESS PROGRAM - $435  ($145 for each month)

  • 2 x 60 minute coaching calls at weeks 1 and 4 (phone or Skype)

  • 2 x 30 minute coaching calls at weeks 8 and 12

  • Full Health Intake Form

  • Identification of your wellness goals

  • Personalized wellness plan designed just for you, including adjustments along the way

  • Full email support throughout the 12 weeks

  • Access to discounted at-home lab tests

*Costs of supplements and lab tests are not included.


If you have any wellness or weight loss issues, I would love to help you. 

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